[life] sewing room as it really is

Recently I showed you where I sew. Now I'm going to show you where I sew while I'm actually sewing.

It's a bit messier, as you can see. I have a pile of partly-used fat quarters on the floor (because where else can I store fabric flat?). My laptop is set up on the color-wheel dresser so I can "watch" (aka, just listen to) movies while I sew. The pieces of my current project are all set up nicely within reach. My cutting board is also set up on the desk so I can easily sew and cut without needing to leave the room.

My ironing board is also set up so that I can press quickly - the iron is almost always on while I'm in the midst of a project. You can see my faithful (ha. ha.) companion Sassalass under the ironing board. (She's almost never present when I sew, preferring to wait until I finish a project and then lay all over it. Gandalf, on the other hand, is fascinated by the process and tries to live inside the Enterprise's throat and bat at the needle). You can also see the pink scrap basket ready to store any scraps I acquire while sewing and cutting. On the wall, hanging from my curtain rod, is a completed block for my current project so I have inspiration/proof of progress on the wall.

Here you can see where things get messy. There is (another) scrap basket overflowing next to the black dresser, and a pile of recently purchased fabric waiting to be folded and put away under the window. The top of the black dresser is covered in random things. It's just so easy to put things there...

And, of course, Enterprise is all set up and ready to go. The thread catchall that I made last night sits next to Enterprise so that I can easily put snipped threads in there and (hopefully) avoid getting bits of thread all over the room (and myself). And, you might notice, the thread ripper is front and center, ready for use. I hate ripping out stitches, and unfortunately, I have to do it more than I'd like. Hence the easily-accessed thread ripper. (I used to have a prettier, ergonomic one, but Sassy chewed it up, so I just have this basic blue one now).

And that's what my sewing room normally looks like! This is where the sewing magic happens.

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