[wip] one block down... 15 to go

completed 20x20" block
This is my first completed block for my sister's white quilt. I'm loving how this block turned out. The white-on-white fabrics stand out from each other, and the cream background fabric (Kona Bone) allows the white fabrics to pop. I chose Kona Bone rather than Kona White or Snow because I wanted to ensure that the white piecing (and all the work I did!) is discernible from the background fabric.

I completed this block yesterday, and then prepped a few others. It seems to be faster to do a bit of an assembly-line type production rather than see each block through from start to finish. 

The block turned out smaller than the pattern says it should - oops? I'm not sure how that happened, because the block is evenly 20x20", but as long as my blocks are all consistent, it shouldn't really matter.

I'm super excited about this project. I think it is turning out to be a lovely low-volume quilt, which is all the rage right now. 

Once again, I'm using Cluck Cluck Sew's Wallflowers pattern.

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