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Today I thought I would share some photos of my relatively recently painted and decorated sewing room! It's not a terribly large room, but it features two big windows and enough room for my 6 foot long desk, my colorwheel dresser, my thread holder, a bookcase, a black dresser I bought for a mere $80, my new extra-large ironing board (thanks to my mother!) and more lamps than any room could possibly really need.


view from the doorway
I set my desk against the window so I could look out while sewing, and have natural light illuminate my sewing machine.

my awesome desk and my dear Enterprise
I recently discovered (thanks to Adam) that most of my 24x36" cutting board fits on my desk. That means I can cut small pieces of fabric, iron, and sew all in the same room! I hung the Sassy silhouettes on either side of the window. ('m going to need to make some of Gandalf. Although he is not so fluffy, so the silhouettes will likely be uninteresting.)

ironing board and quilt display
Recently, Adam helped me to install a 84" curtain rod on the wall, which allows me to hang quilt for photographing and display purposes. The ironing board was a housewarming gift from my mother, and I love it! The fabulous green iron was a present from Adam. The fabrics on the ironing board all belong to my 100 days city sampler quilt challenge. The little pink fabric box holds scraps, and my awesome yellow mesh trash can holds, well, trash.

curtain rod + clips = quilt display
Adam suggested I hang his anniversary quilt because (and I quote) "I like it". Well good! I like it too! 
The clips are actually designed to hold curtains, but they work well for holding quilts as well.

my colorwheel dresser, thread organizer, and artwork
The bookcase (which I've had for approximately forever!) holds my quilting and sewing books and magazines, with photos of my family and a big silver "E". The colorwheel dresser holds (almost) all my fabric, and my wonky-but-awesome thread holder obviously holds all my thread. The artwork on the walls is a combination of photographs of me and Adam, completed cross-stitch projects, Etsy art, a quote an old au pair wrote out, a Swedish quote about life that my mother game me, and a embroidered skeleton on shirt that my dear friend Erin stitched for me years ago and I recently stretched over a canvas for display.

closet, my burlap lampshade, and the door
The closet holds lots of excess fabric, supplies, and works-in-progress. The black dresser holds general craft supplies. My burlap lamp sits next to the "wish" sign and silver fairy statue from my wedding, and the artwork on the wall are photographs from my wedding with a poem my mother wrote about my wedding veil. And then, of course, there is the door. (One day I will paint all the doors white...)

And that's my sewing room! I love it.

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